Meet Carm

Hi all! My name is Carm and I am the founder of Girls Gotta Heal. I am a child and youth care practitioner, educator, peer support facilitator, author and mental health advocate from Toronto, Canada. I published my first book The Affirmation Journal for Women: Powerful Prompts to Transform Your Outlook on Life in 2022. I graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) in 2014 and from George Brown college in 2017. I am currently a MACP graduate student.

My journey with loss and grief began over a decade ago. It’s taken me awhile to get here. While I explore the parts of my journey with you I hope that you can begin or continue your healing.I started GGH as a way to form a community that I always wished I had when I was a teen struggling with mental health and grief. For all of the highs and lows and places you need to go, I hope that GGH can provide you with what you need whether you’re anticipating loss, struggling and feel alone with your mental health or have been on the road to self discovery and healing. This Girl’s Gotta Heal. This girl *will* heal. And we will do it – together.

To read and hear more about my journey, check out this blog post and the first episode of the Girls Gotta Heal podcast here.