Virtual Peer Support Group


GGH has proudly been running VIRTUAL peer support groups facilitated by Carm since September 2020 and has had over 40 new participants sign up throughout the last year. We all have experienced loss in one form or another. We are also constantly growing and evolving the relationship we have with ourselves as it changes throughout these periods of loss and self-discovery. We gotta take care of ourselves!

This group particularly focuses in the regaining a sense of self and proudly owning our stories with the support and validation of others while using vulnerability as our power. Content for group is curated based on the overall needs of the group through the initial screening process (phone call) when you do sign up via email. It has been a pleasure to have previous participants join again and continue to demonstrate self-growth while also being incredible supports for new participants. GGH currently has two groups running.

Navigating Grief and Loss

Exploring Life Transitions of Young Adulthood and Embracing Your Best Self

What is GGH Virtual Peer Support Group?

  • An hourly weeknight session with an intimate group of those all with the same intention of wanting to heal, better understand themselves, apply tools and strategies to their real-life situations and show compassion toward hearing each other’s stories
  • Sign up and full payment is for the sessions running within a one-month period (same day and time)
  • Opportunity to connect with those you may not have otherwise due to location (U.S & Canada)
  • A safe space to learn and grow through sharing experiences and holding space for one another despite differences including age, location, past experiences, and place in their life
  • Promotes self-care, self-love, working through past trauma, self-discovery and empowering one another
  • Offers brief 1 to 1 check in’s following the end of each session to those who request it

Does this sound like you?

This may be a good opportunity for you depending on where you’re at in your journey. Group is beneficial to those who connect with any of the following:

  • Starting your healing journey (with your mental health, relationship with yourself, grief & loss, current or post health issues) OR are looking to maintain the work you’ve already put into yourself so far
  • Craving connection and community
  •  Eager to learn more about yourself
  •  Bereaved and have lost a significant loved one that has greatly impacted your life
  •  Experiencing illness and various losses personally and/or within your family
  •  Difficulty sharing your past experiences but want to work toward amplifying your voice and working through tough emotions
  •  Feeling lost and disconnected from who you are and who you want to be
  •  Feeling unhappy with the relationships and patterns you gravitate toward
  •  Experiencing/ many changes in your life including relationship & friendship losses
  •  Committed to working on your mental health and personal development
  •  Young professional feeling excited about being in new spaces, relationships etc.
  •  Student (minimum 18 and older unless with parent/guardian consent)
  •  An emotional caregiver
  •  Have struggled to have their emotional needs met
  •  See the value in wellness and taking care of themselves but sometimes struggle with follow through
  •  Transitioning into new jobs and roles (professionally or within your family or relationships)


Making connections with peers who have experienced similar challenges with loss and/or mental health

Tools to empower you and support you navigating everyday challenges.

Working on your relationship with yourself

Practicing accountability and follow through with self-care

Meeting new friends and offering a new or additional support system.