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Guess what?

I have a new book coming out very soon!


The last year was one full of transformation for me and embracing who I am.  I began writing during the pandemic at a point where I left my job and didn’t know what was coming next. I struggled to believe in myself as I quickly began to realize how much of myself I attached to my work. I was struck with some internal battles and had to work through those in order to self-discover and reconnect to who I am. So for those feeling a little disconnected or off track, unsure of what they want out of life and needing some direction as they explore their relationship with themselves or for those looking to further elevate themselves, I got you.


The Affirmation Journal for Women is about reconnecting to yourself in a new and empowering way through affirmations and prompts designed to meet you where you’re at. This is a beautiful journal that you can take with you and work on whenever you need throughout the year and look back on when you need some encouragement.


Journalling is an excellent way to incorporate self-care as well as self reflection. At times, we might not know where to start or feel motivated to even pick up a pen and start. The intention of this journal is to help you get started by providing prompts and encourage you on days where it feels hard to give back to yourself.


One of my favourite parts of writing this book was creating each section with the incredible women who have been a part of my life in one way or another in mind because they represent breaking barriers, authenticity, the struggles of womanhood, challenges with identity and persevering with passion and incredible work ethic all while self-discovering and learning to best care for themselves. I know you’re going to just love it.


I can’t wait to continue sharing with you how each section of the journal is structured. Stay tuned for more updates on what you can expect when you receive yours.

Learn more about the book and pre-order a copy here.

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